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Patrick created Sanctum in 2022, after his vision for the brand had been in development for quite some time. It has now manifested after several years of work and thought. As the founder of the brand and musical advisor of the label, he makes the main creative and business decisions concerning the direction of the company, guiding its general strategy, vision, administration & operations, as well as the work of the artists.

Besides his administrative tasks at Sanctum, Patrick is a successful singer and composer who creates modern redefined interpretations of traditional chant and sacred choir arrangements, alongside big orchestral & instrumental mood music. He composes his unique style of music to guide, touch and nourish the souls and spirits of people, connecting them with the Divine within themselves, and forming a sacred atmosphere to initiate deeply felt positive spiritual effects. Additionally, Patrick produced music for films, games, tourist attractions and various streaming apps – always with the goal of moving the hearts and souls of the millions of listeners. His work has already helped countless people to get in touch with the subtle and transformative inner realms of life, shown by feedback from thousands, with stories of many lives which have been changed and enriched due to the impact of his art.

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