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Inner Knowing (MP3)

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Experience the heavenly choral vocals of Simon Daum’s sacred ambient choir debut album “Inner Knowing”. He invites you to explore your own inner kingdom and discover your divine origin. His compositions lead you on a spiritual quest of self-discovery and inner search for the true light inside. The journey starts with the subtle intuitive calling of an inner knowing, but realizing the unfortunate dark state where the connection to the Divine is not made yet. After that initial beautiful call, a range of melancholic melodies and songs tell the story about mourning and sadness about that disconnectedness, before the journey takes a turn for the seeker to increased interactions with the spiritual world, where the Holy and Divine Light are accessed and experienced more and more, and heavenly choral vocals sing of a blissful experience. Inner Knowing invites you to look inside, know yourself, remember your divine core and let it guide your path from darkness to true light.

Simon Daum’s use of simplicity in his compositions is both powerful and beautiful, reflecting his belief that all truth is gently revealed in the hearts of men, where wisdom is taught and inspiration awakened. His music is minimalistic because his belief is that all truth is simple. It is through this beauty of simplicity that the true message of the music is conveyed - the search for inner truth and awakening of inspiration. “Inner Knowing” teaches wisdom which reveals itself through the beauty in all things. The album is an emotive and meditative experience that touches the heart and soul.

This album is perfect for those seeking a deeper connection to their spirituality and inner selves. The music guides the listener through the darkness and into the true light of inner liberation. It is a transformative journey that leaves one feeling uplifted, inspired, and renewed.

“Inner Knowing” is a must-have for anyone interested in sacred ambient choir music. Simon Daum’s album is a masterpiece that will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression on all who listen to it. It is a testament to the power of simplicity, the beauty of music, and the eternal search for inner truth.

Total Playtime: 1:14:53

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  • 1. Inner Knowing
  • 2. Silent Heavens
  • 3. Mourning
  • 4. We Cry Together
  • 5. Humble Heart
  • 6. Sacred Knowing
  • 7. Come Unto Me
  • 8. Touched By The Divine
  • 9. Not Of This World
  • 10. In The Valley Of Doubt
  • 11. Made Whole Again
  • 12. Standing In Holy Places
  • 13. Encountering The True Light
  • 14. Whispering Of Angels
  • 15. Things Never Seen Before

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Simon Daum
Simon Daum
Calm, Deep, Longing, Meditative, Melancholic, Prayerful, Sacred, Comforting, Serious, Sad, Peaceful, Angelic, Heavenly, Serene, and Reflective
Simon Daum, Patrick Lenk
Ludwig Maier
1 Hour 15 Minutes
Trinity Barr, Patrick Lenk
Audio Sanctum

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