Ray del Sole


Ray del Sole is a published author, and a multi-specialty alternative practitioner for psychotherapy working near Frankfurt Germany. After working several years as a self-employed architect, he decided to leave the business world for good, and focus his life and work entirely on his calling towards the spiritual path. Because of his deep interest in psychology and healing through his spiritual studies, he completed various types of training to become a professional hypnosis and reincarnation therapist, and an alternative practitioner for psychotherapy, among other things. Especially in the English-speaking world, Ray del Sole is known as a spiritual teacher, and a published author of a large number of esoteric books and is an acknowledged expert in Hermeticism and Mysticism. In a former incarnation Ray was a French Knights Templar. Today he continues his mission, serving the spiritual development of mankind, preparing the golden age to come. Utilizing his unique gift as a Spiritual Healer, Coach, and Teacher he accompanies, supports, and guides interested people on their spiritual path.