Trinity Barr


Every idea needs to go through several phases of manifestation to finally become a reality in this world. It goes from having a clear vision to developing a strategy that will help to make things happen. This complex process is being taken care of by our strategic developer Trinity, who manages the many needed puzzle pieces of imagining, creating, deciding and maintaining the strategic vision of Audio Sanctum.Trinity has the important role of making sure that the label’s actitivies and decisions are always aligned with its main purpose. Therefore, she makes important decisions for the label regarding its mission and vision, while making sure its long-term goals are always considered and met. In addition, the development and unfoldment of the label to its intended potential is part of Trinity’s work. Because of that, she takes part in every aspect of Audio Sanctum, helps with all administrative tasks, is in charge of the English speaking online communication as well as artist & repertoire matters, and uses her artistic talents and photography skills in creating artworks and imagery for the label.