Simon Daum


From a young age Simon had a strong interest in creating music that was both loved and revered by family and friends. In time, he immersed himself in piano music and became friends with American pianist and composer, Jon Schmidt. His influence had a strong impact on Simon to pursue his dreams and as his interest grew into a passion, he started to orchestrate and write his own solo piano music.

At age 32, Simon was struck with a severe illness due to an environmental toxification that caused him to stop writing music for long periods of time. This experience helped him to realize the power that music has to offer, even in the most challenging times. This led him to develop his own unique style of music. His greatest desire is to give the gift of comfort and peace to others through his music by way of hopeful, comforting, and reflective positivity which he now expresses through his unique and deeply moving choral music on Audio Sanctum.

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